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What is “hosting” anyway?

Setting up an online presence means creating a series of files, images and code that will make up your website. Much like your annoying cousin Janice, all those files take up space and need a place to live. We will give your content a home on our server and will deliver the content to your website for the whole world to see. You’re on your own with cousin Janice, though.

Essential Features

Included with every plan

Warp Speed

Having a fast-loading, spiffy website is imperative for increasing visitor engagement and boosting sales.

No Down Time

With 99.99% uptime, you’ll never lose sleep over service reliability.

Bold Security

Whether you have a wedding site or an e-commerce one, we’ll keep you safe and secure.

Exemplary Support

Cheerful, trustworthy help when you need it.

Your website, at warp speed.

Through the use of Advanced Caching and a cutting edge Content Deliver Network, we make websites load fast. Real fast.

Geeks sometimes speak a totally different language. Let’s break that down.

Advanced Caching  means content that has been loaded previously does not need to be re-loaded for the next site visitor, thus making for a faster experience.

The Content Delivery Network is a mechanism that ensures the files that are used to load the website are physically closer to the user that is loading the site. This ensures a faster experience for users and helps prevent site crashes.


We’re committed to consistency.

Uptime is one of the most important metrics to measure the quality of a hosting provider. It measures the reliability of the system, typically expressed as a percentage of time. 

With our service level agreement of 99.99%, you’ll sleep soundly knowing your website is always working for you.

Security, for peace of mind.

With regular backups, security patches and a firewall, we’ll keep your website protected from malicious invaders, even Space Invaders. Here’s how: 

We’ll routinely backup the site content so there is no loss of your information. 

Things move quickly so it is important to be on top of the most recent security updates. We do regular security patches in order to keep your site safe. 

The firewall is responsible for making sure it is a friendly human visiting your website, and not one with ill intent. 


Security, for peace of mind.

Regular backup of content – We routinely backup the site content so there is no loss of your information. 

Security patches – Things move quickly these days so it is important to be on top of the most recent security updates in order to keep your site safe. 

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